“Beauty is Incomprehensible.”

Alex Stenzel is a German-American artist and former fashion designer who made his debut at the LA Biennial in 2001 with large format overpainted photographs of abstracted weathered artifacts. In an exhibit named 105.000 tons he symbolical summed up all the weight of the exhibit and thereby brought awareness to the increased tactility and dimensional weight that his method produced. “A manipulation of space and weight, that make this new series a breakthrough,” writes critic Bruce Helander. “There is a perceptual shifting going on, says Peter Frank in his LA Weekly, “Art Pick of The Week review”. Stenzel today makes colorful abstract paintings and overpainted photographs of mystical not yet know structures. “It shouldn’t be anything, but it must be something”, he says. “I want it to be alive!” His tools are brushes and variety of scraping tools. Stenzel finds inspiration in works from Richter, Kline, Pollock and Rothko. “If Pollock created the primal soup, I’m extracting living organisms from it.” He calls himself an emergentist.

Alex Stenzel@Wikepedia

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