“Since I was a little kid I always was building some kind of weird structures. They looked like space ships, kites and sails. In my abstract paintings today I still find structures. They look like they are functional but who knows what they are and what they can do.”

In 1999, Stenzel conceived an interactive sculpture for Berlin, “B1-Be Tower 1”. It was one of the earliest designs for a modern ‘twisted’ tower structure. Stenzel described it as a multi-story structure built of glass, steel, and video monitors, all arranged in the shape of a large crystal. On the inside, the sculpture is designed to function as a platform to connect to the Internet….Hundreds of images are beamed from behind the glass…photographs sent by e-mail…from all over the world…all serve as a reminder of the world’s unity. After 9/11, a year before the memorial competition, on 9 April 2002 Stenzel wrote a letter to Mr. Whitehead at the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, proposing to use the idea for a memorial. Stenzels’ design was exhibited at the Don O’Melveny Gallery in 2002.[2][12][4] In 2003 Stenzel entered a variation of his original design into the World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition.[13]

Levine, Lester J. (17 August 2016)  9/11 Memorial Visions

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